Boiler Service

Your boiler needs to be serviced at least once a year to insure safe and efficient operation as recommended by the boiler manufacturer. This is to insure mainly that your boiler is not leaking gas, producing high amounts of Carbon Monoxide, Leaking fumes into the room and is running efficiently and safely.

With all the new type standard efficient and high efficient gas and oil makes and model boilers on the market they all now have different requirements for servicing. Some Boilers require strip down and cleaning were some just need a flue gas analyses and if the Readings are within limits there’s not much more to be done.

Boilers over time Usually become less and less efficient were a service could help this.

Be sure to use a RGI Registered Gas Installer and that he gives you a Certificate of Conformance so you know your boiler was serviced correctly.





Boiler Servicing checklist

  • Ensure boiler is working before servicing
  • Check 3 amp fuse
  • Boiler location correct
  • Flue terminal location correct
  • Strip down boiler
  • Test pilot flame cut off time
  • Smoke test the flue (chimley lining)…flue spillage
  • Visual inspection
  • Check signs for water leaks
  • Clean pilot assembly,heat exchange,burner where appropriate
  • Check all seals
  • Check condensate drainage
  • Let by test, Gas line
  • Soundness test, Gas line
  • Inspect gas line were possable
  • Check boiler for visual damage
  • Visually inspect flue, condition, routing, terminal location
  • Turn on boiler observe any irregularities
  • Check boiler thermostat
  • Check expansion vessel
  • Check adequate permanent ventilation
  • Flue Gas analyses
  • Tune boiler if required